ANDALORION Part I: The Book of Heroes

The Book of Heroes begins with the Danthing herders from Targelon invading the Andalors. There were no men living on the peninsula, only the tribes of primitive Cawglaw. These were a sub-species of the Cromirs, who lived in subterranean nests but ventured to the surface to hunt. At first, the Danthings coexisted peacefully with the Cawglaw. The oldest pre-Winarian heroes gained renown on their numerous adventures. Most notable of these heroes was Neverthan. He was a skilled hunter who fought hand-to-hand with a club and possessed excellent knowledge of natural magic. His master was a wise old mortal who taught him to preserve the ancient hunting traditions; Neverthan quickly surpassed him.

The Danthings were primarily herders and hunters. They were plagued by draygas flying down from the mountains, who regularly decimated their herds. So Neverthan went on a quest to slay the Drayga King. Casting side his club for the time being, Neverthan took up a mighty spear and climbed up Draygfire Mountain (Lan. Draygafraydon) in whose heart the Drayga King dwelt. With his spear Neverthan slew the mighty creature. The spear lodged itself in the drayga's bones and drank of its spirit and blood. There the spear would remain for centuries, slowly infusing itself with the power of the Drayga King. Later this spear would come to be known as the Spitfire Spear.

Neverthan became high king of the Danthings and ruled for the remainder of his mortal life. When he died he was elevated to king of the heavens. The children of Neverthan and Flinda: Mowlana, Owen, and Rew Ravayd, along with some of the strongest Danthing heroes formed various chiefdoms or early states (numbering as many as two dozen).

With the Drayga King long dead, the Danthings thought they could settle in their villages and till the land peacefully. So when the Cawglaw emerged from their nests and began burning the villages, they were quite surprised. In his ignorance, Neverthan had inadvertently brought destruction to his people.

Before explaining the reasons behind the surprise attack, an introduction to the most famous Cawglaw heroes is in order. Of all the Cawglaw, Steslag was strongest. His two lieutenants were the demigods Scantha and Gilag. Scantha was assisted by the mortal Cawglaw heroes Wethic and Cewsta, while Gilag was assisted by the mortal Cawglaw heroes Yeneg and Thasset.

Steslag was the Cawglaw hero who had originally forged the pact with what had become the Cawglaw guardian spirit symbol—the drayga. Draygafraydon was thus a Cawglaw holy place. The violation of Draygafraydon with the Spitfire Spear infuriated the Cawglaw, so that they raided the Danthing villages and carried off sacrifices to the Drayga King's surviving kin. Throughout the rest of this tale the kings and warchiefs of the Danthings warred constantly with the vengeful Cawglaw.

The Book of Heroes ends with Owen's discovery of the Runes: after winning a battle with a warband led by Cewsta, Owen pursued the Cawglaw into Gilag's home nest. Once there, he discovered the secrets of the rune lore and stole away with them. Hoping this would provide the key to their ultimate victory, Owen taught the Danthings to become Winarians. Training intensely, the Winarian gods waxed into full power and finally defeated the remaining Cawglaw champions once and for all.

On Lancesized Names

The Lancesian forms of the names of the Cawglaw have been used in the text. Below shows a transliteration of the names closer to the original Cawglaw:

Cewsta Khusta
Gilag Gilazh
Wethic Ghethyek
Yeneg Yenex