High Kingdom of Arthennor

Arthennor is ruled by the high king Turlow with his wife Sarlew — a cruel, unscrupulous man and a most unvirtuous woman. Five kings owe tribute to the high king, remaining loyal due to fear of the wizard Wrayne, who has the king's ear.



There are five kings who owe tribute to the high king. Each of these “kings” is overlord of one of Arthennor's clans and heads a council made up of leaders from the clan. The seat is typically a stockade fortress and village. Govedon itself is a small town, surrounded by a palisade wall, and watched by Turlow's castle, which is partially built from stone.

Each royal council has absolute authority over all aspects of government.

Holding Population Seat Holder
Govenil 81 000 Govedon King Turlow
Blayce 77 000 Bardalan King Wotharl
Bleak Coast 66 000 Calentern King Grist
Cornil 56 000 Gordon King Amburnay
Cragoney 52 000 Cragmel King Bordow
Trewcontey 44 000 Bard-Trew King Erimayce


Name Mkt Pop Def Garr Area Location
Bardalan B 1500 C3/W2 4/6 19 Blayce
Calentern B 3500 C3/W2 5/14 26 Bleak Coast
Cragmel C 1500 C3/W2 4/6 19 Cragoney
Gordon B 3500 C3/W2 5/14 26 Cornil
Govedon C 6000 C5/W2 6/24 30 Govenil
Trewdin B 1000 C3/W2 4/4 14 Trewcontey
Waydin B 2000 C0/W2 8/20 20 Govenil

Blayce: The coastal region east of Cornil and west of Govenil.

Bleak Coast: The horn of land on the far western end of Arthennor. The Bleak Coast shelters Cornil from the worst weather.

Cornil: The coastal area opposite the island of Castlorn.

Cragoney: The upper valley, on the border with Crag. Cragoney is ruled by Bordow Steadfastwatcher. It has a population of 52,000 divided between 25 clans.

Govenil: The lower valley of River Owlodets. Govenil is the high king's personal kingdom. Its thirty-eight clans combine to form a population of about 81,000.

Quartered at Govedon castle is the Band of the Crown, the King's personal guard. They are eight knights of repute who each command three elite warriors, a shieldbearer, and 35 men-at-arms.

Living near Govedon in Mirwicholl is the famous wizard Wrayne. Wrayne runs a school there, with about a dozen students from all over the kingdom. Waydin, Albacholl, Borwel, and Adlin also have resident wizards.

Every town has an Elder Priest (2nd Circle) with a Preceptor and three Attendants. Six of the villages also have an Elder Priest (3rd Circle) with three or four Attendant Priests each. Barthacas, Lornathol, and Mirwicholl do not have a resident Elder Priest. However, the First Elder at Govedon does service Mirwicholl. Barthacas and Lornathol have on hand an Attendant Priest from Saganurch and Waydin respectively.

The powerful, reclusive wizard Archlaw lives in a tower of elemental rock a couple of days west of Govedon. The path is hidden by illusion. His rivalry with Wrayne has lessened; they agree to stay out of each other's business. Archlaw doesn't involve himself in politics too deeply, but keeps an eye out "for the good guy" with the help of some loyal woodsmen.

Trewcontey: The borderland with Garan, east of Govenil. Here is a small holding with a single market town on a fair port.