The Andalorian Calendar

The Andalorian month consists of three tendays. Each day of the tenday is very simply named after one of the ten major deities in the Andalorian pantheon.

The Tenday
Days of the Month Name of Day
1st, 11th, 21stBayloth's Day
2nd, 12th, 22ndMowlana's Day
3rd, 13th, 23rdFothnow's Day
4th, 14th, 24thOwen's Day
5th, 15th, 25thRow's Day
6th, 16th, 26thCathindas's Day
7th, 17th, 27thFlinda's Day
8th, 18th, 28thFothnow's Day
9th, 19th, 29thNeverthan's Day
10th, 20th, 30thNewrath's Day

Each tenday is named after a phase of the moon (Andalorians give the moon three phases, though astrologers divide each phase into more particular sub-phases). The first tenday is Moon of Birth, when the moon emerges from darkness. The second tenday is High Moon, when the moon shines brightest. The third tenday is Moon of Death.

Month Name Sign Season Activity
1 Fowlendol Belturch Spring Wurch Grazing
2 Thalendol Worm Spring
3 Alorendor Dragon Spring Mowing
4 Sewendol Dancers Summer Weeding
5 Owendor Leopard Summer Pre-Harvest
6 Watherel Thrall Summer Harvest
7 Felendol Fool Autumn Grazing
8 Fatherel Maiden Autumn
9 Sartherel Wurch Autumn Wurch Slaughter
10 Crisendor Seaworm Winter
11 Molendor Companion Winter
12 Matherel Great Deer Winter