Legends of the Andalorian Peninsula

The Andalorion:

Drayga King: Lord of draygas, back in the days when those creatures dominated the skies. The first known Drayga King was slain by Neverthan with the Spitfire Spear. Some say a new king has taken his place.

Owen's Runes: Cawglaw magic retrieved by Owen after a successful battle against the Beast-Men. The runes gave the Winarians their power, though they were loathe to use them.

Spitfire Spear: The spear used by Neverthan to kill the Drayga King. Two generations later the weapon was retrieved by Row. The Danfalk hero used the spear in the Battle of Parthan to kill Cathindas.

Twin Sunray Swords: Two halves of the sword forged by Fothnow to unite the Danfalk. The wizard of Vidar cast a spell that split the weapon in two, thus foiling its purpose.