Places of Interest

Archlaw's Elemental Tower: The Winarian wizard Archlaw lives in this fortress built of elemental earth. It is located in the woods west of Govedon via a secret path hidden by illusion. The tower itself appears to be part of the landscape, complete with trees and shrubs growing from it. There is no apparent entrance exept for a single window overlooking the path and the forest.

Dalacast, Fortress of the Sun: The fortress and palace of Newrath, King of the Gods. Its seneschal is Bayloth, the Sun God.

Draygfire Mountain: Or, in its full Lancesian form, Draygafraydon. A volcanic peak in the center of the Andalors. Below its northwestern face is Crag Vale. On the opposite side is Parthan. A holy place for the Cawglaw.

Owen's Secret Glade: Home of the Winarian messenger god, the glade is hidden somewhere in Monurch Wood. It is inhabited by forest creatures and protected by tangles that drive intruders mad.

Parth-Num: Home of the ancient wizard Ain-Down. Parth-Num is an ancient Cawglaw nest, a towering mound of earth built by creatures enslaved by the wizard. It is surrounded by additional rings of earthworks, on three sides bordered by wasteland, and on the south side, by mountains.