Natural Resources

Staple Crops

Balrich: A dark, hardy grain that is grown primarily in the northernmost reaches of the Andalors, including Arthennor and the Hovar Islands. Balrich makes adequate bread.

Chowt: A ubiquitous but not heavily cultivated grain, chowt is as often fed to animals like the giant ground sloth as to humans. Chowt is also used to make a kind of alcoholic beverage like mead.

Grich: The most prevalent grain of the southern realms, grich is a strain of the Sevalian aulicas.

Fruits and Vegetables

Others: A wide variety of roots and leafy vegetables are commonly grown in villagers' gardens and used in soups and stews.

Meat Animals

Wurch (Org): When not bred specifically for hunting, the wurch is used as a meat animal.

Other Domesticated Animals

Belturch: The belturch is employed by a tribe of Targelon as war mounts.

Deinurch: Deinurches are used for riding and as draft beasts by peasants, but noblemen shun them.

Mastodon: These small pachyderms are highly prized rarities to the nobility, who employ them as walking castles.

Wurch: A popular animal for the hunt.

Summary of Domestic Animals

Animal Weight Food Value Fodder Price
Weight in kg; food value and fodder are in man-day rations; prices in red draygas.

Processed Resources


Chowt Mead: An ale-like beverage made with chowt, very commonly drank.