Goerthan Architecture

Building Materials: The chief building materials are arachwood and stone.

Motifs: The Mace, the Sun, the Helm. These are the chief symbols of Malladun, and they representing his status as Ruler, Benefactor, and Defender.

Drue Berry: This berry, the source of immortality, represents the power of the gods. Typical patterns are repeated berry sprigs or intertwined drue branches.

Helm Motif: Domes take on a helmeted appearance. Overhanging makes them appear oversized and an added brim adds shadows and a brooding appearance.

The Mace: The "spiked" tower look characteristic of Goerthan fortifications. In this style the merlons project at an angle over the lip of the tower. Associated with the sun motif, the mace element adds a "handle" or long rectangular structure to the sun, which becomes a mace head. Most Goerthan temples take this form.

Sun Motif: Occasionally spires are tipped by sun symbols as in Ralubian architecture, but often decorative, radiating elements are simply added to the crowns of towers and columns.