Goerthan Diplomacy


Goertha's neighbors to the south and west (namely Ralubia and Verentis) think of the region as uncivilized but not totally barbarous. Goertha is primarily regarded as a religious center and holy land, especially Mirsach. Many outsiders think only of Mirsach (and its old Tassotarn) when the word Goertha is heard.


Trade Agreements

Worlorn has long-standing economic relationships with Ralubia and Verentis. The Ralubians in particular traffic many goods via the forest highway from Tharam to Omedon.

Allies & Enemies

Worlorn and Galfmor have been feuding for the past 20 years or so, Galfmor having split in a civil war initiated by Drunhar. Tredaen is more or less allied with Worlorn, but Cro-Carlon is neutral. Worlorn is friendly with Morianda, Verentis, and Halribia. Galfmor has made peace with Fearthlond but is as yet neutral to Gedringale.

Family Ties

No detail here yet, though there are noble families in Worlorn who are cousins to noble clans in Verentis and Ralubia.