Domestic Life in Goertha




Marriage Rules

It is customary for suitors to engage in a contest appropriate to their social class to earn the right to marry. Typical contests include creating works of art, songs, and combat. Only the winner has permission to even ask the girl for her hand. If that's not bad enough, the girl has the right to refuse the winner of the contest. When Crohelm won such a contest for the hand of Pella, she refused him. Instead of quietly going his way, Crohelm waited around until another such contest was held, and won that one too. Again Pella refused him. This went on for quite some time, much to Pella's chagrin (not to mention to the hordes of suitors who were unable to defeat Crohelm).


Nobles take their clan name and a given name, given name first. Peasants have only one name, with a possible eponym.