Kingdom of Fearthlond

A peripheral region of northern Goertha, sometimes not considered part of Goertha. Fearthlond was originally settled in the days of Angorlon by a branch of Aristings called the Langings. She was conquered by the Fards, a tribe of Targelon who had mastered the mastodon. The Fards now raised gardells, but not of good quality. Some mastodons are still bred.

Fearthlond is generally a cold and bleak land. The cultivated patches of land on the western shore of Lake Balffing and the valley of the Riding are fairly poor, and so the hardy geith is more successful than grop.

Political Divisions

  • Hellandegn
  • Duchy of Eirenbarg
  • The Riding
  • Duchy of Temorlock


King: Gofferd
Seat: Hellandegn/Degnhell
Area: 26,000 km2
Population: 136,000

The power base of the Fards. Some Langings amongst the peasantry, but most are a mixture of Fard and Lang.

Opposite Degnhell across Lake Balffing are the crags wherein dwells the hag Troella.

ArkmeilanB2000W2/C1405 ha
GledanisC3500W3/C1407 ha
HellandegnB8600W3/C212017 ha


Duke: Asgarth
Seat: Eirenbarg/Eirenbarg
Area: 12,000 km2
Population: 62,000

The northern reach of Fearthlond is still largely populated by Langings, but the Fards have a strong presence amongst the nobility.

The rugged hills north of Eirenbarg fall under the dominion of the Copper King, a legendary Younger Cromir.

EirenbargB5000W3/C18010 ha

The Riding

Marchion: Grenley
Seat: Raenbarg
Area: 12,000 km2
Population: 44,000

This march extends westward from the kingdom heartland into the forboding woods of Targelon. It is basically a stretch of land on either side of the trade route to Morianda. The town of Rentorn serves as a trading center between the Fearthick merchants and the nearest Targeling tribes.

The population is mostly Langings, who emigrated here from Lake Balffing after the Fards took control of that area. The Fards themselves dwelt in the Riding prior to invading the Balffing basin.

RentornC4200W3/C1809 ha


Duke: Trusgard
Seat: Temorlock
Area: 20,000 km2
Population: 113,000

Guarding the southern entrance into Fearthlond, Temorlock castle sits across the Flood Torrent like a massive floodgate.

TemorlockB6000W3/C112012 ha