All the lands surrounding the Sea of Rue, with the exception of Morianda to the west, fall within the region called Goertha (pronounced go-ER-tha). Goerthans had the trappings of civilization imposed upon them by the Verentian Empire a few centuries ago, and still haven't worked all the kinks out. Dying gods and civil wars have wrought terrible wounds upon the Goerthan peoples in their struggle for identity.

The principal states of Goertha are Worlorn and Galfmor. They have been at war since they split the theocratic state of Pallon in 1972 VC (by the Verentian Calendar) before the present day. Smaller free states surround these power houses, including Gedringale and Fearthlond.

The region called Goertha is a bowl of land surrounding the Sea of Rue. Arach forests and rolling hills form the general character of the land.


Download the (un-illustrated) Goertha Region Guide (24 pages, 160 Kb PDF). It contains most of the information on these pages except for the PBEM summaries, but better organized.

Map of Goertha.