Legends and Folklore

Abran Lach's Magic Boat:The old god of the Sea of Rue sails the waters in this boat, but lends it to mortals now and again. Abran Lach's boat can reach places mortals dare not tread, such as Malladun's cloud castle Welgonell.

Drueberry: The fruit of a shrub that grows only in Glan Druich. Young drueberries are white and when eaten restore the health completely. Mature drueberries are toxic and when eaten cause a horrible, painful death. If the consumer survives this horrible, painful death, then the berry bestows immortality.

Glan Druich:Somewhere in Somberwood is an enchanted grove, where dwell the high priestesses of Lidach. The priestesses grow drueberry shrubs there, the fruit of which bestow upon the Drue Lords their immortality. On Lidacha of Brissent, the High Holiday of the goddess, the priestesses sacrifice young men to the goddess and sprinkle the shrubs with the blood. Or so it is said.

Horligan:An unusual creature, a bit larger than a cat, big enough for a child to sit upon. The horligan is armored and swift and nearly impossible to capture. Each of its body parts is useful in magical preparations, and valuable treasure spills out if its shell is cracked open.

Malladun's Mace:The favored weapon of the chief god of Goertha, the Mace can control the weather and flatten mountains. When Malladun died, the Mace was stolen by agents of his enemies and spirited out of Goertha.

The Legend of Hueor

It is said that Hueor rose from the dead to challenge Cromirlonian King Haros. Hueor led his Company through Somberwood to slay every Grueslin or Cromirlonian in sight, just to get Haros' attention. They never did meet.

It is also said that Hueor was a demon, who turned to the side of good. His skin was grey like stone and his eyes purple like amethysts. Hueor stood taller than seven feet and was completely hairless, like a statue.

At the Siege of Mirsach, the forces of Pallon were completely outnumbered. Hueor ordered his army to hold back, because he did not want to see them slaughtered. Instead he rode forward to meet the enemy single-handedly. He would have won, too, but it was an off day for him.

Recently, a more complete account of the siege of Mirsach was given to the players by Prelector Cludaen.