Minor Goerthan Dominions

  • FREEHOLD OF CROCARLON (pop. 140,000) (Croest; Prince Harm)
  • GEDRINGALE (pop. 75,000) (Gedral; Arbunthord)
    • Erengam (None)
    • Madoral (Gedral)
    • Molgor (Molgor)
    • Sangaral (None)
  • KINGDOM OF HALRIBIA (pop. 60,000) (Castle Omen; King Alphaz III)
  • CITY OF MIRSACH (pop. 12,000) (Mirsach; Lord Siarhun)
  • FREEHOLD OF TREDAEN (pop. 40,000) (Dis/Ben-Disich; Prince Durn)


Prince: Harm
Seat: Croest
Area: 10,000 km2
Population: 140,000

A lightly populated, rural backwater. The wilderness around the river valley is inhabited by barbarians and maybe a few beastmen. (But not Grueslin Wood — it's clean).

Name Mkt Pop Def Garr Area
CROEST C 14 000 W3/C3 240 28 ha


Lord: Menoln the Hatchet
Seat: Durbrach
Area: 5400 km2
Population: Unknown

Not recognized as a state by its neighbors, Durbrach is the stronghold founded by Simple Axe Maluezz in the early 19th century. Its inhabitants live by banditry.

Name Mkt Pop Def Garr Area
DURBRACH E 2000 W3/C1 40 3 ha


King: Arbunthord
Seat: Gedral
Area: 19,000 km2
Population: 75,000

The people of Gedringale are collectively known as Dalings. The Ralings live in the valleys, the Shibberlings in the highlands. Madringals (Wakers) wander outside Gedringale.

Name Mkt Pop Def Garr Area
GEDRAL D 9000 W3/C3 120 18 ha


King: Alphaz III
Seat: Castle Omen
Area: 8700 km2
Population: 60,000

A tiny Ralubian kingdom situated in the vale of Lake Omenarcas.


Lord: Siarhun
Seat: Mirsach
Area: 600 km2
Population: 12,000

A holy city on a large island in the mouth of River Gedring.

Name Mkt Pop Def Garr Area
MIRSACH B 10,000 W5/C4 160 18 ha


Prince: Durn the Black
Seat: Ben-Disich
Area: 10,000 km2
Population: 40,000

Tredaen is a small nation of smiths and foresters ruled by the aging hero, Durn the Black. Its small army consists of officers from the Solemn Company plus a few ex-Knights of the Cross.

Name Mkt Pop Def Garr Area
DIS C 5000 W3/C2 80 10 ha