The Goerthan

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20 Glant 1990 (VC)

The story begins after Baron Brosian of Riudsech left with a hunting party into Sioncarwood. Among the members are Gaidrach and Ennemath who, after being separated from the rest of the party, are ambushed by the unscrupulous rogue Bruehan. Having somehow lost his own gardell, Bruehan captures Ennemath's and makes his escape, but not before Gaidrach's squire Raeglin is slain. The two knights are assisted home by a pair of peasants, Tamhan and Rueren, who witnessed the entire affair from hiding.

On the other side of the barony, at the monastic enclave of hierophants called Goerbest, the Prelector Cludaen instructs the fledgling wizard Mordrigan to conduct his own independent study of the magical arts. While browsing a selection of strange books and scrolls, Mordrigan is swept through a portal and vanishes without a trace.

Mordraith, the younger son of lord Orchbroe of Druglan, arrives at Goerbest to visit his friend Mordrigan, only to discover that the young hierophant is missing. While searching the lower depths of the library, he encounters the ghost of Triud Triunt, who tells of the events leading to Mordrigan's disappearance. Prelector Cludaen informs Mordraith of the Resurrectionist Movement and invites him to join.

Soon after Gaidrach and Ennemath return to Riudsech, Sir Athrun takes his squire Horlach into Sioncarwood to warn the Baron's party of Bruehan's latest lark. After they split up, Horlach runs into Bruehan and is captured.

Gaidrach, Ennemath, Tamhan, and Rueren visit the Seven-Bushel Inn. Hearing from a traveller a gruesome tale, they travel south to find the mutilated corpses of a trio of Ralubian knights. They then turn north to follow the trail of a caravan of Ralubian merchants.

21 Glant 1990 (VC)

Mordraith, after practicing with the famous knight Sir Westlan, heads home. Meanwhile, Magister Worhell sends messengers to the Lords of Riudsech, asking them to come to Goerbest to celebrate Cro'ach with the Grand Hierophant.

For most of the morning, Ennemath, Gaidrach, and Tamhan follow the caravan trail across the Barony. They end up at the Dorella inn, where they find Mordraith waiting for a meal, and the large party of Ralubian merchants with armed escorts. In a dramatic, though somewhat bewildering confrontation, Gaidrach threatens the Ralubians but discovers nothing. The party then follows Mordraith home to Druglan, where Lord Orchbroe is informed of the events. Later, the messenger from Goerbest arrives and requests Orchbroe's presence.

When evening comes, Mordraith confronts his brother over the incident with the merchants at the inn. Gaidrach dodges the questions and complains of his headaches. However, he reveals what he saw at the creek in the fight with Bruehan.

22 Glant 1990 (VC)

On the road between Tanhalm and Riudsech, Bruehan directs Giun to the Baron's castle. Before the group splits up, Sir Lonhar and a squad of men-at-arms (who had been investigating the murder on the roadside) comes up the road. Bruehan and Giun flee in different directions, whilst Maloska conceals himself in a copse. Mordrigan also escapes unseen. Horlach is freed and, borrowing Lonhar's gardell, races back to Riudsech.

At Riudsech, Horlach discovers that the Grand Hierophant has requested the nobles of the barony meet at Goerbest. Alarmed, he packs his gear and heads for the monastery.

Preparations for Cro'ach are being made at Goerbest and most of the nobles of the barony have arrived. The bailey of the monastery is crowded with colorful pavilions and parked wagons. Horlach arrives and informs Sir Athrun of Bruehan's activities. Along with Lord Orchbroe, they go to see the baron.

In the council chambers of Goerbest, the Grand Hierophant reveals that the hierophants have been waiting for something important, and that they have been aware of the gathering beastmen.

23 Glant 1990 (VC) -- Cro'ach

Mordrigan shows up at Goerbest, finding a cozy place in the pavilions of Mordraith's family.

Later in the morning, the Grand Hierophant announces the return of Crohelm, who should ascend the throne at Welgonell and aid the barony against the beastmen. But the onlookers are in for a shock, for descending from the sky in a bright light and flapping red cloak is not the god they expected, but that foul rogue Bruehan, who is recognized by some of the knights, but not all. Gaidrach, frothing mad, attacks the "god" but is slain instantly by a single blow of Crohelm's mace. Crohelm/Bruehan then assumes command of all the gathered knights and lords by his divine authority.

After a brief episode wherein the brave Tamhan rescues Cludaen from the clutches of a terrifying demon, Tamhan, Cludaen, and Mordrigan return with Mordraith and family to Druglan. At Castle Druglan, Prelector Cludaen and Sir Westlan (very) briefly recounted the history of the Drue Lords and the Siege of Mirsach. It was decided that Mordrigan should seek the aid of Prince Durn the Black, lord of Tredaen. Mordraith, Tamhan, and Cludaen would accompany him.

A day is spent preparing for the journey.

25 Glant 1990 (VC)

The first stage of the journey brings Cludaen, Mordraith, Mordrigan, Tamhan, and their animals to the town of Stade. Cludaen leaves the group at the inn owned by Mordrigan's father, saying he has business elsewhere. The rest spend the night at the inn.

26 Glant 1990 (VC)

In the morning the town crier proclaims the Duke's new policy toward the hierophants. Tamhan wanders outside into the crowd to ask questions, followed by Orilion Dastridian, some fellow from Morianda. Tamhan discovers that the Duke is "rounding up" hierophants in the temple.

Someone in town must have seen Mordrigan, and alerted the town watch, because they come straight to the inn. It doesn't help that one of the watchmen is a childhood enemy of Drig's.

Orilion and Mordraith intercept the watch in the main room of the inn whilst Tamhan and Mordrigan sneak out the kitchen window/garbage chute. Unfortunately, one watchman catches a glimpse of Mordrigan sneaking across the alley. The arrow strikes Mordrigan in the shoulder; Orilion wrestled the watchman down, allowing Tamhan to take Mordrigan to safety. Taking his cue, Mordraith makes his way out of the alley and heads for the Siargad, Stade's citadel.

Mordraith is received by Duke Hastan at the Siargad, after a brief conversation with Sir Rothaint and the Lady Rionna. Meanwhile Tamhan has brought Mordrigan to the Ralbadell, where the physician on hand tends to the young wizard's injury. Briefly, Tamhan and the physician leave to fetch a friend.

Mordraith returns to inn to fetch his things, then goes to the Ralbadell looking for his friends. The three of them discuss ways out of the town with Vramant, the Ralubian leader, who is friendly to their cause. Later in the evening, Cludaen sends the group a message via a courier, but the courier was injured in an ambush, barely escaping with his life. The Prelector urges the group to continue their journey, and meet him later.

27 Glant 1990 (VC)

The Ralubians have arranged to sneak the Mordraith and company out of Stade in a caravan headed north. Once they cross the river, the Ralubians bid them farewell.

At the end of the first day on the road, Mordraith, Mordrigan, and Tamhan come to a village (60 Kb image), that has apparently been attacked by monsters.

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