Places of Interest in Goertha

Blest, Monastery of: An important hierophantic center, located south of the town of Saint.

Crohelm, Castle: The historical stronghold of the Drue Lord Crohelm, thought to be located somewhere on the wild borders Brissenmor.

Drunolon: The underworld home of Drune.

Gistlon: The marshy northern shore of the Sea of Rue, inhabited by strange, primitive folk.

Glan Druich: The sacred grove of Lidach. The drue shrubs grown here sustain the Drue Lords.

Goerbest, Monastery of: A hierophantic center in Riudsech, containing a good library.

Sacred Footpaths, Plain of: A region between Worlorn and Galfmor, site of recent battles.

Temorgor: The underworld prison of Eimragh the Creator.

Welgonell: The cloud castle of Malladun. It floats over the Sea of Rue.