Society Characteristics

Progressiveness Conservative
Planning Medium Term (6 to 10 years)
Advancement Advancing
Growth Competitive
Militancy Neutral
Unity Discordant
Tolerance Neutral

Social Classes and Status

Foundations of Status

The noble landholders form an important economic class, held in check by the religion-based political-social Orders of Rule, War, Law, and Aid (abbreviated OR, OW, OL, and OA respectively). Artisans who are masters of their crafts also hold a special status, due to their patron Drue Lord Magundurn.

Customs and Rigidity of Status

Membership in the Orders is restricted to members of landholding clans, with the exception of the Order of Aid, which accepts commoners in its lower ranks. It is possible for a privileged noble to sponsor a commoner, providing the means necessary for sustaining membership in an Order. Also, the transfer of land ownership can likewise grant priviliges to a common-born person.

Status Levels

Status Archetype Vocational Clusters Sample Occupations Status Level
Ruling Agency Political (I) King/OR 6 20
Ruling Class Political (II) Lord/OR 1-5 18-19
Privileged Warrior Knight/OW 15-17
Privileged Bureaucratic (I) Minister/OA 4-6 14-15
Privileged Academic Hierophant/OL 13-15
Privileged Professional (I) Master Artisan 13
Professional Bureaucratic (II) Minister/OA 1-3 10-12
Professional Merchant Merchant 9-11
Professional Professional (II) Townsman 7-9
Professional Artisan Artisan 6
Labor Labor Servant 4-5
Labor Unskilled Labor Field hand 2-3
Marginal Fringe Unemployed 1
Marginal Special Outlaw 0