Goerthans employ waterpower in the form of vertical mills, though some animal-drawn horizontal mills exist in fringe areas. Pack lizards and hueglachs are the animals most commonly used for such purposes. There are also some primitive windmills in core areas.


Pack lizards, when equipped with the fancy Verentian-style draft harness, provide locomotion for carts and wagons. Hueglachs are suitable for small or unarmored riders. Gardells are used as war mounts. On the Sea of Rue and major rivers, single-masted vessels carry cargo and passengers between ports.


Though the Saerish language is in common use, Goerthans use the Verentian system of writing almost exclusively. The hierophants have a secret written system called Romang, which is not taught to outsiders. Parchment made from the skin of orgs is bound into books these days. Older writings on scrolls exist in the libraries kept by the hierophants.

Light gardells are employed by the nobility to transmit messages from place to place; foot couriers are easy enough to find within the limits of a town. Otherwise information is spread haphazardly via merchants and other travellers.


The most prevalent form of armor among professional soldiers is bezainted -- i.e., iron-studded org leather. Knights tend to wear iron mail. Everyone else, if they wear any armor at all, will wear leathers. The lack of any large sources of iron in Goertha makes plate armor too expensive except for the highest ranking nobility.

Long and short swords, maces, javelins, and various polearms are in common use throughout Goertha. Axes are associated with the Fards and not very popular as weapons.

Goerthans tend to build squarish castles with square towers. Some of the Verentian-built fortifications are much more interesting.


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