Trade Goods

Goerthans have plenty of resources to exploit and export to other realms. These are traded for finished goods.


Copper, grain, hides, iron, muegran, silver, various fruits, wood.


From Ralubia: armor, iron goods, parchment, weapons

From Verentis: armor, silk, weapons, wine

Monetary System

Coin Obverse Reverse Value Metal Weight
grich diamond sheaf 1 p bronze 5 g
dor mace house 20 p silver 5 g
bess star "BESS" 200 p gold 4.17 g

Worlorn uses the copper grich, the silver dor, and the gold bess in exchange. The bess has a star on one face and the Verentian syllable for 'bess' on the other. The dor has a mace on the face, and a house on the reverse. The grich has a diamond boss on the face and a sheaf of grain (grop) on the reverse.

The bess is a 1-oz. gold coin rarely minted. The dor is a 1/20-oz. silver coin, and is represented by $1. There are 300 dors to a bess (this is a correction from the earlier version). The dor is the most common coin in circulation, and for this reason prices are expressed relative to it. The grich is a 1-pwt copper coin. There are 20 grichs to a dor.