Goerthan Weather Table

Month Season Cloudy Temp Ppt
1 Winter 80% 5 65%
2 Winter 80% 5 45%
3 Winter 80% 8 40%
4 Spring 70% 10 35%
5 Spring 70% 12 30%
6 Spring 70% 15 25%
7 Summer 60% 18 25%
8 Summer 60% 18 30%
9 Summer 60% 15 35%
10 Autumn 70% 12 35%
11 Autumn 70% 10 50%
12 Autumn 70% 8 70%

Cloudy -- chance for significant cloud cover. Temperatures in degrees Celsius. Ppt -- precipitation. If it is a cloudy day, this is the chance for some sort of precipitation to occur.

Goerthan Climate

Goerthan climate benefits greatly from the moderating effects of the Sea of Rue, for it is otherwise continental in nature. The region is humid overall with summers relatively long in the south, and shortening as one travels north. Temperature extremes are worst in the eastern and western limits of the Somberwood region.

In the summer, prevailing winds are westerlies, except where the Sea of Rue changes them. The generally trend of the winds is actually northwest to southeast. Fearthlond and Galfmor sometimes get a cold north wind (Troella's Gift), which makes their summers mild. The rest of Goertha tends to be pretty hot. Occasional light rainfall occurs on the Goerthan side of the Durbrach Hills and Sialinn Mountains.

In autumn, or the season of Descent, Goertha experiences its worst weather. Throughout the region storms are the norm. In the areas southeast of the Sea of Rue the rainy season persists part way into winter.

In the winter the general trend of the winds is southwest to northeast. Galfmor and Fearthlond are especially rainy this season, while Tredaen and Tembirdam remain fairly dry. Temperatures are mild in Morianda and Galfmor, but most of Goertha gets rather cold this season.