Kruthad, Land of Serpents

Elevation Key

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This is the Kruthad Peninsula. Colors indicate elevation. Vegetation is mostly Mediterranean evergreen scrub north of the Basturan range, and semi-arid grasslands south of the mountains.

The map shows Kruthedan, Tenket, and Rashan, as well as the Mourattan savannah. East of Tenket is the Chardrakesh, a region of deserts and arid mountains. Malifast is a Rashani fortress, but the isles of Gamrishad off the southern coast of Rashan are held by Kruthedan. Tiajray is an independent city. Enclosing the Chadrace Sea to the south (off the map) are the islands of the Chadrace Archipelago, where shapechangers dwell.

This map was created with ProFantasy's Campaign Cartographer 2, and post-processed with the GIMP.