Geography of the Kruthad Peninsula

Map of the Kruthad Peninsula (~100k image)

Land Forms


A wilderness region on a plateau between the Kambir and Oros Rivers, the Akûn-Shal has long served as a borderland between the Krishari and Ristuli peoples. It is inhabited by barbaric tribes and strange beasts.

Basturan Range

The backbone of the peninsula is the Basturan range, which is low and broad. The Basturani extend from the Plateau of Tenket to the Ristul Hills.

Tenket, Plateau of

A circular upthrusting of land and the hilt of the peninsula, Tenket is from whence the southern peoples came, deposited there by the gods. It is depressed in the middle by black Lake Ten, which is believed to be a gate to the Underworld.

Drainage Systems

The Binebir

Flowing from black Lake Ten to Binebir Bay, this river was the cradle of Kruthad civilization and still forms the heart of the empire.

The Kambir

East of the Akûn-Shal, the Kambir is smaller and wilder than the Nargabir.

The Nargabir

An extensive river system in the halfway down the peninsula. The Nargabir valley is heavily populated and provides rich soil for cultivation. Much of the valley is also heavily forested.

The Oros

The chief river system of Rashan, draining into the Silent Sea just below Rispatta.

The Veyirros

The largest stream of Malesh, flowing out of its source in the highlands and spilling into Binebir Bay.