Minor States of the Kruthad Peninsula

  • RASHAN (pop. 500,000) (Rispatta)
  • TENKET (pop. 150,000) (Mekkara)
  • TIAJRAY (pop. 30,000) (Tiajray)


Ruler: Sirash Hutan
Capital: Rispatta
Area: 47,000 km2
Population: 500,000

Rashan is the chief Ristuli kingdom, though its population consists of people from other tribes as well.

Name Mkt Pop. Def Garr. Area
Rispatta B 25,000 W3/C4 400 38 ha

Malifast: A fortified town on the northern edge of the Silent Sea. It serves as a base for the Rashani navy.

Rispatta: The capital and chief mercantile port of Rashan. Rispatta trades overseas, but the internal road network of Rashan is poor.


Governor: Kûnil Sahkam
Seat: Mekkara
Population: 150,000

The Tenhari homeland is a bowl of land around black Lake Ten surrounded by the Basturan. Its capital of Mekkara is the seat of the Shinaket temple.

Name Mkt Pop. Def Garr. Area
Mekkara C 13,000 W4/C3 200 26 ha

Mekkara: The ancient capital of Tenket is possibly the oldest living city in the world.

City-State of Tiajray

Area: 2300 km2
Population: 30,000

A Ristuli city-state on the southern coast of the peninsula, which serves as a stopover between Gamrishad and the Chadrace Archipelago.

Name Mkt Pop. Def Garr. Area
Tiajray B 20,000 W3/C4 300 50 ha

Tiajray: The city and port. The native population is mostly farmers and fishermen.