Places of Interest in Kruthad

Cursed Pits of Roshiran: A mysterious site in the highlands of Kruthad's western end. The legend says they were used in human sacrifices to the strange gods of the Roshibi.

Rom-Gabon, Ruins of: The city built by Nakarnakal was the capital of the original Kruthad Empire and also of the New Tenketian Kingdom. Rom-Gabon was sacked by Maletria and abandoned. Nakarnakal built secret passages and traps so intricate and dangerous that they may still hide unexplored sections of the city's underworld.

Ruined Cities of Malesh: Three abandoned Zulin cities on the coasts of the Malesh Province between Caracand and Hilsakana. They were Akunadesh, Bitesh, and Yeshen.

Temple of the Serentean Labyrinth (Kripada): The old temple of Shinaket. It was once used as a hunting ground as a means of entertainment. Captured enemies were subjected to giant serpents that were let loose in the maze.

Titanic Pillars (Ruins of Angarun): Angarun was the chief city of the Roshibi, who inhabited Roshiran on the western tip of Kruthad. The city was little more than a monument to their forgotten gods, the pillars all that remain. These are each thirty meters high and ten meters thick at the foundations. Scenes of nightmarish imagery and indecipherable pictograms decorate them.

Utter Dark Gate (Mekkara): Nakarnakal discovered and exploited this entrance to the Underworld beneath the Sun Shrine island in Lake Shirem. When that island sunk the gate was lost beneath the blackened waters of the lake, now called Lake Ten.

Vault of Arik-Petom (Malesh): The secret chamber where several demon gods of the Ancient Tenketians were imprisoned by the Zulin wizard Dedrahan. The location of the vault is now lost but is thought to be deep under the hills above one of the four cities of the Zuli.