The Aramur

The Aramur are a species of beastmen related to the Murayhar of the West Continent. Along with the Edrini they are considered different from most beastmen, in that though they were subject races of the Cromirs, they were never willful servants. All three races remained neutral during the Garn-Madorian.

Once prevalent in many of the southern lands, the Aramur, who are by nature very warlike, have been exterminated in the Kruthad Peninsula, and are now confined to the Prulam, especially the eastern part. They have a dwelling by Lake Arenib, where they trade with the hillmen of Saghada.

Few Aramur are ever seen in human cities, except as slaves. The humans are intolerant of the Aramur. For one thing, the Aramur lack the jaw and tongue structure to speak most human languages, so they must resort to sign language. For another, the humans and Aramur have a long history of misunderstandings and warfare. Also, Aramur are easily offended.


Like the Edrini, the Aramur are supported by four muscular legs supporting a hanging (but not dragging) belly. The torso, or turret, is positioned roughly over the middle of the four legs, with the turret spine rising from a socket in the middle of the primary spine. The primary spine is a stout arch that joins the front and rear hips, passing through the latter to form a short tail. The digestive tract passes in front of the forehips, somewhat protected on either side by the hips' bony protrusions. The feet are clawed, but designed for running.

The turret is also equipped with a pair of arms. The arms and turret appear humanoid but the head is bestial (snout, triangular ears). Aramur are completely covered in short fur, though scales are visible around the snout and extremities. The hands and feet are clawed, but an opposable thumb allows for tool use. When fully erect, a typical adult male will stand about 2.5 m tall.

Despite the description, Aramur are considered attractive creatures by humans. Indeed, the Aramur pride themselves on their grooming skills. The nomads of the Prulam and the hillmen of Saghada frequently imitate Aramur styles of personal adornment.

In battle, the Aramur wield javelins, curved swords, and small round shields. They wear some armor as well, occasionally metal, but most often horn. This is usually in the form of limb protection, a skirt over the belly, and a plate over the chest.

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