Aviland: Introduced by the Relorians, the aviland is a native of the steppes east of Anphirai. Diet: carnivore; Strategy: Diurnal chaser; Average Lifespan: 12 years; Weight: 600 kg; Weapons: beak; Armor: feathers & scales.

Basilisk: The most venomous serpent of all. The basilisk's venom is so deadly it can be transmitted by its mere glance. The creature is not deadly to look upon -- rather it literally must attack with its gaze. Naturally, the basilisk must have line of sight, and the attack can be reflected off mirrored surfaces and still be effective. The basilisk's breath is also toxic, but to a lesser degree.

In appearance this legendary serpent is a snake with a golden crest and vestigial fin-like wings. The basilisk cannot fly, but it is a fair swimmer. Habitat: Any warm land; Strategy: Diurnal carnivore; Type: Pouncer; Average Lifespan: 10 yrs; Weight: 2 kg; Weapons: Venom (Gaze, Breath); Armor: Scales.

Flies/Mosquito Swarms: The most numerous of the inhabitants of the Phirine Swamp.

Lacand: Also called "sailbacks," lacands are dimetrodons of the Phirine Swamp. Lacands are the most dangerous predators of the swamp, because they are numerous and stealthy.

L'Harrakren: A rare, predatory trapper of the Aldhazinhari's sea of sand. The l'harrakren waits buried beneath the sand. When prey approaches, it collapses a portion of the sand in an attempt to suck the victim down into its open mouth, using its tentacles to assist.

Pelithyn: Probably the first creature bred for use as a war mount, the pelithyn was utilized by the Cazzirians of central Mouratta in their invasions and conquests. . Diet: carnivore; Strategy: diurnal pouncer; Average Lifespan: 12 years; Weight: 400 kg; Weapons: beak & claws; Armor: feathers.

Rhaind: Related to the l'harrakren, the rhaind inhabits the watery portions of Phirai Swamp.

Rukha: A giant bird of prey that nests only in the highest mountains.

Sand Ghoul: Appearing as vile men in advanced states of decay, sand ghouls are the slain of the desert, reawakened by hungry spirits whose sole purpose is to avenge a wrong.

They hunt only at night. During the blistering heat of the day, they bury themselves in the sand, dormant. If disturbed in this state, however, they will rise up and attack.

The typical attack of the sand ghoul is strangulation. To approach their prey, they attack first with a paralyzing gaze, freezing their victims until they are close enough to strangle them.

Once the sand ghoul has killed its intended victim, it disintegrates into dust, to be blown away by the desert wind.

Water Snake: Venomous reptiles that frequent the many pools and streams of the Phirai.

Wyvern: Legendary winged creatures of the Velarem, when that forest could support them. It is said the last wyvern fled Anphirai a few years after the Mad Wizard of Mirsach left.


Lancris: Domesticated in ancient times by the Phireans, the lancris is a poor man's mount and a light pack animal. Diet: herbivore; Strategy: diurnal grazer; Average Lifespan: ; Weight: 525 kg; Weapons: beak; Armor: feathers.

Maldasanda (Behemoth Lizard): Also called "Broad Face" for its oversized head, the maldasanda is noted particularly for its teeth, of which there are countless.

Pack Lizard: A ubiquitous, heavy pack animal or draft beast. Diet: herbivore; Strategy: diurnal grazer; Average Lifespan: 30 years; Weight: 1600 kg; Weapons: teeth; Armor: scales.

Rine Org: An aquatic relative of the forest org, the rine org is the largest variety of the creature, although the Phirean rine org is dwarfed by the river orgs of the Malana Valley.


Olakh: A relative of the org, the olakh provides meat and dairy products and is cheap to feed, since they eat anything. Olakhs are the most common herd animal in Anphirai, the Prulam, the Kruthad Peninsula, and the Malana Valley. Diet: omnivore; Strategy: diurnal gatherer; Average Lifespan: 8 yrs; Weight: 70 kg; Weapons: Tusks; Integument: Hide.