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Ralubia was once a powerful kingdom that held sway over the lands from the Phirine Sea to the edge of the Chardrakesh. The Ralubians were the last tribe to come from the deserts of the east to conquer the region, wresting control from the Maletrians. Their kingdom became a shining example of the power of their Builder religion.

The land around the Phirine Sea is also known as Anphirai, and the vast stretch of grasslands swinging down and around from the Donnithi range to Albir Gulf is also known as the Prulam. To the west are the dangerous crags of the Cromirlon Mountains. To the north the remote petty holdings of the Somberwood. To the east are vast plains and deserts from whence waves of nomadic tribesmen have invaded, using Anphirai as a doorstep to the west.

Anphirai's history is a long succession of conquests and powerful kingdoms, a pattern of events that has finally ended with the draining of the waters of the Phirine Sea by the Mad Wizard of Mirsach. What remains is still known as Ralubia, but is more a collection of city-states that pay tribute to a theocratic leader than a proper kingdom.


Ralubia Region Guide (11 pages, no illustrations; PDF).

Maps of Anphirai and the Prulam