Minor Political Regions In and Around Ralubia

Chiefdoms of the Chardrakesh

Area: c. 650,000 sq km
Population: c. 300,000

The Chardrakesh is a desert plateau located where the Kruthad Peninsula joins the mainland. It consists mostly of the Aldhazinhari Desert and a ring of highlands. It is almost uninhabited, except for the tribal kingdoms along its mountainous borders and the people of Eryngazi in its center.

  • THE CHARDRAKESH (pop. 295,000)
    • Abhighen (pop. 75,000) (Tho Rokor/Laz Abhighen)
    • Eryngazi (pop. 60,000) (Lorigel/Lorigel)
    • Jhilard (pop. 75,000) (Ya Drakar/Dhar Liszadh)
    • Saghada (pop. 85,000) (Ya Chalesh/Abiaglazar)
Name Mkt Pop. Def Garr. Area
Lorigel D 6000 W3/C2
Tho Rokor D 8000 W3/C2
Ya Chalesh D 10,000 W3/C2
Ya Drakar D 7000 W3/C3

Cha Kelkorm: A fabled city of the mysterious region east of the Chardrakesh. The name means "City of God-Sanctuary" or "Hidden Refuge." It is supposed to be inhabited by the wounded god Marik and tended by strange humans.

After Marik had fallen to the earth, the Kelberini bore the god to Cha Kelkorm. Here Marik lay to recover from his wounds. Grievously wounded Jalin warriors occasionally attempt the journey across the desert to the hidden valley, but it is never known whether they make the trip or perish along the way.

Lorigel: The fortress-capital of the chiefdom of Eryngazi. Nearby is the village of Derlash, where the Eryngazi mine the sands for hurn.

Tho Rokor: Largest fortress and oasis of the Chardrakesh and the capital of the chiefdom of Abhighen. Tho Rokor sits the hills east of Tenket.

Ya Chalesh: The capital of the chiefdom of Saghada. Ya Chalesh is linked by path to Arenib to the west and Hoshuk to the east.

Ya Drakar: The capital and largest oasis of the chiefdom of Jhilard.

Chiefdoms of the Prulam

Area: c. 74,000 sq km
Population: c. 68,000

Outside of the Ralubian cities of Caracand and Aribind, the Prulam is inhabited by human nomads and some Aramur tribes.

Relorian Desert

East of Anphirai the Relorian Desert extends for thousands of kilometres. Her inhabitants vary considerably, but the best known are the Relorian nomads of her western fringe.


Area: ??? sq km
Population: 1,000,000

Somewhere beyond the mountains east of the Chardrakesh plateau is the hidden valley of Hoshuk. Somewhere in its capital of Shif is the garden where flows the water of life, and the healing place of the god Marik.

  • HOSHUK (pop. 1,000,000) (Shifaba/Shifaba)


A tribal confederacy located somewhere in the plains south of the Chardrakesh plateau. The plains of Mouratta are the ancestral home of the Cazzirians. Little else is known, except that some brave traders have returned with stories of exotic Tarsha Mor and her secret fortress called Spratto.

  • MOURATTA (Tarsha Mor/Spratto)