Other Peoples of Ralubia


An ancient people of Mouratta making up the majority of the nomadic population of the Prulam, where they mixed with the Jalin. The Cazzirians of Anphire are mostly assimilated into the Phirean and Relorian populations. People of strong Cazzirian heritage tend to be darker and taller than average.


A branch of Relorians who followed the god Jaldrali out of Anphirai. The Jalin are the primary inhabitants of the Chardrakesh, organizing themselves into four chiefdoms. They possess numerous fortresses which serve as headquarters, meeting places, and trade centers, but the Jalin are essentially nomadic.

The Jalin are xenophobic and warlike — very dangerous to encounter in their native environment. They ride the pelithyn, fight with lances and bows, and herd olakhs.

Social ClassStatus Level
Clan Chieftain17-19
Tribe Priest15
Clan Priest13
Head of Family11


The earliest known inhabitants of Anphirai, modern Phireans are actually a mixture of Cazrian and Anra blood. Stereotyping the Phireans as puny, defensive, numerous, dirt-poor, and dissident, the Ralubians treat them with cruelty and disdain.

Phireans live in all parts of Anphirai, fishing, herding, or farming. City-dwelling Phireans are unskilled labor or servants. Some Phireans live in villages called riets atop what were once islands in the Phirine Sea. The largest riet is Jhilandriet, near Voldire.

Social ClassStatus Level
Village Leader10
Household Servant4-6


A branch of the Makurian peoples, distant, less civilized cousins of the Ralubians. Formerly a great peoples with a vast empire, the Relorians of today are a nomadic or semi-nomadic folk who dwell both in the eastern wastelands and in the uncontrolled wildernesses of Anphirai's interior. Their bands often include adopted Phirean rebels, and occasionally a Havilai seeress.

Relorians ride the aviland. They wield scimitars, lances, and horn bows. Ralubians are not above hiring them as mercenaries.

Social ClassStatus Level
Head of Family11-12

Languages of Anphirai

The dominant language is Ralubi, spoken primarily by city-dwellers. The Relorians have their own language (Relori), and the Phireans (who call themselves Anra) speak the Phirai language. The language of the Jalin is also called Jalin; it is related to Relori but is much more harsh. The Cazzirian language is a dead one, but has influenced all the languages of Anphirai and the Prulam.

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