Timeline of Events Leading to the Fall of Ralubia

Dates are reckoned according to the Verentian Calendar (E.E.).

1857: When we begin this short chronology, Ralubia is already a decaying state; the leaders of the city-states have consolidated power around themselves and pay only lip service to the king. The populace is unhappy. Nobles backstab and bribe themselves into positions of authority.

A product of his times, Rhodegun becomes king through poison and deceit. Jophlar, the youngest son of the former king (Aldrund) and still an infant, is spirited out of the country and raised at Caracand.

1858: Rhodegun's enemies in the city-states of Tharam and Delanthel unite against him. A massive naval battle on the Phirine Sea leads to Rhodegun's capture. He is exiled on an island whilst a son of Aldrund takes the throne. But care is not taken to expunge all of Rhodegun's influence at the Spire of Maldai in Vathir. One of Rhodegun's surviving naval vessels lands at the island prison and its crew overpowers the guardians there. Then, with all his contacts still at large in Vathir, Rhodegun arranges to have the usurper murdered. He returns to the capital to resume his kingship and immediately executes whatever rebel he catches.

Gillan is born at Saint. Meanwhile, Modrun III extends the borders of Pallon into Somberwood, granting land to the Siathannon clan.

1872: Having reached the age of majority, Jophlar returns to Anphirai and allies himself with Delanthel, whose previous Elar was one of those executed by Rhodegun. They build an army and march on Vathir. Rhodegun is killed and Jophlar becomes king. Nine months later Rhodegun's daughter bears Jophlar a girl whom he names Milanie.

Gillan trains with the Hierophants at Blest — the monastery outside the town of Saint — and demonstrates his remarkable powers. From the start he has visions of dark creatures of the Phirine Sea who threaten the far off land of Ralubia. The hierophants recruit Ardun the Thirsty to take Gillan on as an apprentice.

1873: The Sea Witch prophesies doom for the children of Jophlar. Nevertheless, the king acquires Gilanie, a widowed lady from Samodania, and she has him a son, Hundriz. Fearing the prophecy of the Sea Witch, he hides the child by giving it into the keeping of his cousin at Tharam.

1878: The woods-folk of Somberwood, aggravated by the incursions of the Siathannons into Somberwood, begin to practice banditry. Modrun IV sends contingents of the Shields of Malladun to aid in protecting the settlers.

1885: Sir Branath Brahafen, Knight Commander of Brissenmor, after an incident in which he saves an important Ralubian caravan from destruction, visits the Spire of Maldai. Jophlar is so impressed with the man that he offers his daughter Milanie. Branath, noting the low regard Ralubians have for women, accepts without reservation. She will eventually bear him three sons: Garhaith, Garhoe, and Garhaen.

Hundriz and Rhaiss train at the Malancine Lancris War Temple outside Tharam.

1891: A confederation of Relorian tribes, under a strong leader, begin harassing the Ralubian border in the vicinity of Delanthel. Jophlar, though in ill health, leads a successful campaign against them. He dies of syphillis after returning to Vathir.

1894: War of the Four Citadels : This war took place entirely within the city of Vathir. Immediately following Jophlar's death, a messenger sets sail for the port of Tharam. Meanwhile, the lords of the Four Citadels of Vathir contend for the throne. Duels are fought up and down the city levels and blood runs through the sewage channels. Hundriz arrives with Rhaiss a week later and immediately finds supporters among the Lords of the Citadels. The exception is the lord of the Fourth citadel, whose power is so strong he is sure of victory. But Hundriz wields Mandovel the Star Hammer, a relic which instills in the kings of Vathir the power to command; with the aid of its power Hundriz crushes the forces of the Fourth Citadel.

Gurman III, the new Tassotarn of Pallon, re-organizes members of the Shields of Malladun and other fighting orders into the Order of the Cross. In response, “Simple Axe” Maluezz manages to organize the woodsmen of Somberwood into a “kingdom” which he calls Anech, a parody on “Angorn”.

1902: Gillan arrives in Tharam and begins to work miracles. This activity gets the attention of Hundriz, who summons the wizard to the Spire of Maldai. Gillan confirms the prophecy of the Sea Witch, but Hundriz does not heed him.

Hundriz acquires Janazie, a childhood sweetheart from Tharam, as his consort.

1904: The famous Ralubian warriors Rhaiss, Ravaint, and Diliezz join with Garhaith, Garhoe, and Garhaen, and breathe new life into the Order of the Cross as they patrol Somberwood. They have numerous adventures with villains such as “Simple Axe” Maluezz and Menoln the Hammer, encounter creatures such as grueslin and tree hags, and hunt great deer.

Gillan meets Demenie, a lady of the Fourth Citadel. Immediately he is smitten by her beauty. She finds herself fascinated by his power.

1907: Gillan and Demenie begin their investigation of the Phirine Sea (and each other) on a supposedly uninhabited island. But the hermit Pievem lives there and sneaks up on them. He is a wizard nearly as powerful as Gillan. Pievem takes an instant liking to Gillan and the two become fast friends. Demenie becomes jealous of their growing relationship.

While recuperating at Tharam after an adventure in Somberwood, Diliezz and Palidhiz (an adventuring prince from the city of Aribind) meet and fall in love with the enchanting lady Amuernie. Their rivalry is competitive but friendly. However, Amuernie is the consort of the Elar of Tharam, who jealously disapproves of the two warriors' rather blatant public displays of passion. When their activities get out of hand, the Elar of Tharam has them both executed. In recompense to Hundriz, the Elar sends two of his best warriors, Pelzer and Pharajan, to Vathir as replacements. The well-known Ralubian disregard for human life deems this as an acceptable action, but for the Goerthan knights it is a different story, and hard feelings/ misgivings eat at the bonds which hold the warriors together. This was the end of the golden period of the Order of the Cross.

1909: Gillan, Pievem, and Demenie discover an entrance to the underworld on another uninhabited island. Here a strange cult of humans and non-humans are accumulating power for some unsavory dark gods. Demenie reveals herself as one of them, and snares Pievem and Gillan in a trap. The sorcerous powers of the two wizards enables their escape, but not before Gillan destroys the island with a bolt of force so powerful that it blows a hole through the sea floor. In matter of hours, the waters of the Phirine Sea are swirling in a massive whirlpool that drains them into the vast underworld.

The disaster hits hard. Many believe that this was the doom that the Sea Witch had prophesied. Some who try to cross the former sea are sucked into the Mad Wizard's Pool. One route around the swamp is across the dreaded Dorazari Rifts; the other is the long way around and through Relorian territory. Trade suffered tremendously and the king was bankrupt within five years as the weather changes associated with the disaster initiated a famine.

Many folk from Tharam and her neighbors migrate northward and settle in Stade and Sollum. Western Ralubians and their neighbors go west to the city of Bourdonne. Southern Ralubians drift south to Aribind and Caracand.

The populations of the cities fall drastically, and many are abandoned. Eventually only the three cities of Tharam, Vathir, and Delanthel survive. The others become ruins. Many of the War Temple strongholds are also abandoned, mostly because they are not flexible enough to adapt to the changes.

1915: Garhaith, having returned to Riudsech, marries and has many children. His grandchildren include Onglaith, the current clanhead of the Brahafens, and Orchbroe, whose son plays a part in the current mess.