[ Albir Gulf ]


This is the true heart of Madoria, where the earliest games I ran were played out. The cities of Albir Gulf are havens for merchants, thieves, adventurers, and sell-swords. The sea lanes are crossed by many galleys and roundships. Adventures in the past have had players filching the pockets of passersby, looting the mansions of the wealthy, fighting in the gladatorial arenas of Aurelia, robbing the temples of Shinaket, challenging the tribesmen of the Prulam, and digging through the ruins of the Carnelian Coast.

The Albir Gulf region is at the juncture of three major campaign regions: Sevalia, Ralubia, and Kruthad, and thus serves as an excellent base of operations. The favored city for ne'er-do-wells is Bourdonne. Tirreter is a great center of learning. Artists and players congregate in Maldonne. The free town of Caracand welcomes merchants from any land. Kripada and Amasshad is the seat of military power for the cult of Shinaket, whilst Mekkara is its sacred heart. Samunsaram is a heavily militarized city from which Kruthedan seeks to control the tiered city of Aribind.

The history of this area is recorded in the Tales of the Carnelian Coast.