Moriandan History

The Mori were a tribe from the north who invaded western Goertha and established themselves as the minority rulers. The indigenous peoples were of Ralubian, Sevalin, and Saerish descent. The Mori themselves probably came from Lokkevan and crossed Targelon to get to Morianda.

When the Mori seized controlled Morianda, it was over many small feodalities controlled by minor nobles, similar to the Druich Kingdoms of south central Goertha. Many of these leaders were later killed at the disastrous battle of Ediora. The kingdom of Morianda was founded after that battle, when the chief prince of the Mori, who had taken up the religion of the indigents (who worshipped Malladun), was crowned king.

Chronologically, the invasion of the Mori took place some time after the Verentians had conquered the Druich Kingdoms, some time in the 18th century E.E. The Verentians had only taken a few of the petty kingdoms that were directly between what are now the towns of Morilire and Omedon. Halribia held out in the south, the Mori conquered the north. The Mori then began encroaching upon Verentian territory until defeated at Ediora. Not long after the eastern part of the Verentian Empire split off to become Pallon.

Morianda was surrounded by enemies. To the north, another Targeling tribe was migrating southward. To the southwest, the Verentians were trying to reclaim what had been theirs. To the southeast, the Pallonians made the occasional attempt at invasion when the Tassotarn was not making diplomatic gestures at Morianda's Malladunian king.