Kingdom of Morianda

Area: 93,000 km2
Population: 418,000

Name Mkt Pop. Def Garr Area
Achion C 10,000 W4/C3 250 30 ha
Omedon B 25,000 W4/C4 420 50 ha
Cantassin C 7000 W3/C2 150 18 ha
Deniora C 2500 W3/C1 75 9 ha
Tamaron C 1500 W3/C1 45 6 ha

Achion: The capital of Morianda.

Cantassin: A large town upriver from Achion.

Deniora: A small port town downriver from Achion.

Omedon: The largest city of Morianda, lying on the imperial highway.

Tamaron: A small northern town on the terminus of the trail to Fearthlond. Tamaron has a population of barbarians from Targelon.