Annals of the Maletrian Imperial Throne

(Note: this is a rough draft and very incomplete. It will hopefully, even in its present form, fill in some gaps).

  • The Early Emperors

    Sirdes I. 1st c.
    King of Maleter becomes first emperor by forcing the submission of the cities of the Carnelian League.
    Sirdes II. 1st c.
    The son of Sirdes I spent most of his time fighting the cities of the Carnelian League as they revolted following his father's death.
    Tirenneas (or Tirretas). 1st c.
    Conquered Tasseris and founded city of Tirreter.
    Retinias. 2nd c.
    Sarexin I (Aurenneas). 2nd c.
    Sarexin II. 2nd c.
    Sarexin III. 3rd c.
    Arvatis. 3rd c.
    Built the Arvatian Wall. Sacked Mekkara. Died mysteriously.
    Euridrax. 3rd c.
    Elected emperor from amongst the military. Very cruel to the Krishari. Went insane and committed suicide.
    Nexinias. 4th c.
    Tried to reconcile with the Krishari. Allegedly assassinated by Sholaro the Wise (suffocated whilst sleeping).

  • The Serentean Compellators

    The Serentean Compellators were Shinakari high priests who took control of the empire for a period of about 400 years. The Compellators lived nearly a century each, and were responsible for spreading the cult of Shinaket and for introducing many elements of Shinakari culture into Sevalia and Anphirai.

    Maleto. 4th c.
    First Compellator, aka Sholaro the Wise. He recruited armies of foreign mercenaries because he did not trust the Imperial commanders.
    Kanturan. 5th c.
    Second Compellator, the Learned.
    Krishak. 6th c.
    Third Compellator, the Grinning.
    Bakrin. 7th c.
    Last Compellator, the All-Seeing. He invaded and conquered Anphirai.
    Eiridath. 7th c.
    A mercenary commander from the Andalors, he was manipulated into usurping the throne and served as a puppet emperor for no more than several months, before being disposed of.

  • Interregnum

    After the assassination of Eiridath, rival factions engulf the empire in Civil War; at the same time, mysterious disasters destroy civilization in the Albir Gulf

  • The Golden Emperors

    Pavinias I (or Pavilias). 8th c.
    Established order with the Pavinian Code of Law. Initiated the Tales of the Carnelian Coast project to create a record of wisdom. Founded the library at Tirreter, which was initially stocked with items recovered from the Albir Gulf disasters. Why did he choose Tirreter? Speculation is that he wanted to give treasure hunters a reason to leave the capital.... The Albir Gulf disaster invited hordes of hopeful adventurers who would come to Maleter, explore the ruins, and then return to sell stuff. Essentially the emperor gave the library as a gift to the Tirretrians -- whom he hated -- so they would think well of him while simultaneously diverting the low-life adventurers into their city. As the problem grew, Tirreter enacted its infamous cleanliness laws.
    Pavinias II. 9th c.
    Pavinias III. 9th c.
    Pavinias IV. 9th c.
    Pavinias V. 9th c.
    Vardean. 10th c.
    Vardean II. 10th c.
    Vardean III. 10th c.
    Travias I. 11 c.
    Travias II. 11 c.
    Darian I. 11 c.
    Very long-lived.
    Darian II. 12 c.
    Long-lived but childless. Adopted Matinias.

  • The Fallen Emperors

    Matinias. 13 c.
    A self-indulgent wretch. Ended the period of Golden Emperors.
    Catadean I. 13 c.
    A famous admiral elected emperor. Focussed on military matters, he probably did something undiplomatic to cause unrest amongst Imperial neighbors.
    Catadean II (the Almost Great). 13 c.
    During his reign the Verentians invaded Sevalia. The locals asked the Maletrians for help. Seizing this as an opportunity to glorify himself with conquests, Catadean led the army himself, but was killed in battle. This was the turning point that allowed the Verentians to take control of Sevalia.
    Palafas. 13 c.
    Regent whilst Catadean III grew to maturity.
    Catadean III. 14 c.
    During his reign, the Ralubians invaded the Relorian Province. Apparently, his family invited that sort of thing. Not taking after his father, Catadean junior did not take to the field. He in fact, eschewed the military life. Despite his precautions, he didn't live much longer.

  • Second Interregnum

  • The Beleaguered Emperors

    Sirdras I. 14 c.
    During the Second Interregnum, Colber founded the kingdom of Colbria in Sevalia. After this point, the Empire is constantly fighting simultaneous wars on all borders, trying to keep what territory it has.
    Sirdras II. 14 c.
    Sirdras III. 14 c.
    Calatias. 15 c.
    During his reign, the Colbrians expand up the Sevachelle Valley to form the early Verentian Empire.
    Maridias. 15 c.
    Travias III. 15 c.
    Travias IV. 15 c.
    Varinias I. 15 c.
    Varinias II. 16 c.
    Varinias III. 16th c.
    Upon his death, rival factions divide what's left of the empire into Aurelia and Kruthad.