The Verentian Calendar

The Imperial Week

Days of the week are not named, but may be described relative to the nearest Templeday. Templedays occur on the 3rd, 8th, 13th, 18th, 23rd, and 28th of each month. The 20th of the month could also be referred to as the 2nd day after Arigassa. The 21st is then the 2nd day before Hattedrassa, and the 22nd is the 1st day before Hattedrassa.

Days of the Month Templeday
3rd Selenessa
8th Fendrossa
13th Paxarassa
18th Arigassa
23rd Hattedrassa
28th Silassa

Templedays are set aside for honoring the specified god. By Imperial law, they are non-working days.

The Imperial Month

The Madorian moon waxes and wanes over regular periods. The transitions between phases occur at approximately the same time each month.

Phase Days of the Month
First Quarter 7th
Full 15th
Last Quarter 22nd
New 30th
Month Name Sign Season Activity
1 Forendes Dombollis Spring Grazing
2 Tarandes Cronissis (Worm) Spring
3 Larenelis Dreigis (Dragon) Spring Mowing
4 Selendes Voleteri (Dancers) Summer Weeding
5 Orinella Rovax Summer Midsummer
6 Vabelurn Silther (Slave) Summer Harvest
7 Berendes Opirax (Prankster) Autumn Grazing
8 Fabelurn Euvetta (Lady) Autumn
9 Sabelurn Elcas Autumn Slaughter
10 Clisenelis Dalex Winter Grazing
11 Morendes Symardian Winter
12 Mabelurn Relcorax (Great Deer) Winter