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This is a set of rules for a fantasy role-playing game. Players assume the role of one or possibly several, characters and during the course of the game face challenges presented and adjudicated by a gamemaster or referee. Although the World of the Carnelian Coast is presented as a setting, the philosophy of the designer is that the setting should be separate from the game rules, and yet coupled to form a complete system. The Carnelian Coast world is used as an example where rules are dependent on a setting.

Table of Contents

Chapter 0: Basics

Basic dice usage and glossary.

Chapter 1: Characters

Characters are built around eight attributes and fields of knowledge. Experience is earned daily by activity for simplified bookkeeping.

Chapter 2: Knowledge and Skills

Skills are measured by individual levels. A 3d6-based, open-ended task system provides a consistency in character performance without losing the chance at heroics and blunders.

Chapter 3: War and Combat

Combat is brutal. Five second rounds consist of flurries of action interspersed with non-engaged activity. Weapon damage is rated by impact severity, which is reduced by armor effects. Wounds are described not by hit points, but by severity, location, and effect on performance.

Chapter 4: Magic and Religion

Magic with a historical flavor. Include psychic skills, different types of spellcasting, and ritual magic.

Chapter 5: The Environment

Travelling in a pre-industrial world can be dangerous. Includes rules for poisons, diseases, and healing.

Appendix A: The Marketplace

Stuff to buy and sell. Services to take advantage of.

Appendix B: The Armoury

Personal weapons and armour for the discerning fighter.

Appendix C: The Shipyard

What would the Carnelian Coast be without ships? Here are barges, boats, galleys, and merchantmen.

Appendix D: The Bestiary

A selection of Terran fauna and some fun dungeon critters.

Madoria: The World of the Carnelian Coast

The known lands of Madoria, including five campaign regions.

Supplement 1: Madorian Character Generation

Madoria-specific guidelines for generating characters.

Supplement 2: Madorian Bestiary

Madoria-specific critters.

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