The Verentian Marketplace

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The apothecary, or herbalist, is primarily a supplier of medicinal drugs. In some cases, the apothecary will also prescribe a particular remedy, depending on the availability of a physician in a community. The apothecary often also has a supply of chemicals with dubious medicinal purposes.

Item Price
Acid $ 0.40/L
Alcohol 0.50/L
Alkali 1.60/L
Dye, Indigo 0.10/5 mL
Dye, Purple 0.50/5 mL
Dye, Red 0.40/5 mL
Dye, Yellow 0.35/5 mL
Glue 0.20/L
Glue Solvent 0.10/L
Herb, Common 0.02/30 g
Herb, Rare 0.10/30 g
Naphtha 0.20/L
Ointment, Healing 0.10/5 mL
Opiates 0.05/g
Poison, Common 0.20/5 mL
Poison, Rare 2.00/5 mL
Soap 0.10/kg
Spice, Common 0.06/30 g
Spice, Rare 0.25/30 g
Spice, Exotic 0.50/30 g
Tea 0.08/30 g


Purchases raw materials from the blacksmith and leatherworker. Depending on city laws, the armourer may be forbidden to sell anything better than leather armour to the person on the street. In the heart of the Empire this is certainly true, but not so on the frontier or in less civilized lands. On the other hand, the further away from civilization you get, the more difficult it may be to find the better armours.

The master armourer is always assisted by three or more apprentices, who do most of the work. Very few pieces are readily available for sale, and these will be of widely varying quality and type. The armourer usually works on a contractual basis, taking orders that keep him occupied for weeks or even months at a time. However, walk-in armour repair jobs are often welcome.

Item Price
Bezainted Coat $ 28.80
Bezainted Jack 18.00
Brigandine 86.40
Cuirbouilli Cuirass 5.80
Cuirbouilli Greaves 2.80
Cuirbouilli Helmet 1.40
Cuirbouilli Vambraces 1.40
Lamellar Coat 57.60
Lamellar Greaves 8.60
Lamellar Vambraces 4.40
Leather Coat 5.80
Leather Helmet/Hood 1.00
Leather Jack 4.40
Leather Mask 0.60
Mail Coif 4.40
Mail Habergeon 28.80
Mail Hauberk 43.20
Metal Helmet 4.40
Plate Greaves 14.40
Plate Vambraces 5.80
Ring Coat 21.60
Ring Jack 14.40
Ring Helmet 1.40
Scale Coif 2.80
Scale Habergeon 43.20
Scale Hauberk 64.80
Visored Helm 14.40

Beast Trader

Often found only outside the city walls, the beast trader has a fenced yard or covered pits for keeping his wares.

Item Price
Camel $240.00
Cat, House 1.00
Chicken 0.25
Cow 40.00
Dog 14.00
Horse, Cart 24.00
Horse, Light War 960.00+
Horse, Heavy War 2400.00+
Horse, Riding 60.00+
Mule 18.00
Ox 45.00
Pig 5.50
Sheep 6.00
Songbird 24.00


In large cities, a wide variety of professionals will specialize in particular types of clothing. The variety of clothing amongst and within cultures is so huge that an exhaustive price list would be silly. Instead, clothing is classified broadly for purpose and quality.

Item Price
Boots $ 0.20
Clothing, Common 0.30
Clothing, Noble 2.40
Clothing, Townsman 0.60
Clothing, Warrior 1.20
Costume, Ceremonial 5.00
Costume, Entertainer's 0.80
Undergarments 0.20
Winter Garments 1.00


Hireling Price
Carter $ 2.40-3.60/year
Priest 40.00/year
Falconer 2.40-3.60/year
Footman, Archer 0.15/day
Footman, Heavy 0.30/day
Footman, Light 0.10/day
Groom 2.40-3.60/year
Kitchen Servant 0.60-0.90/year
Laborer up to 20.00/year
Man-at-Arms 0.60/day
Master Carpenter 0.15/day
Master Mason 0.20/day
Messenger 2.40-3.60/year
Porter 2.40-3.60/year
Rider, Archer 1.20/day
Rider, Heavy 1.60/day
Rider, Light 0.80/day
Rider Commander 2.40/day
Varlet 0.01/day


Item Price
Beer $0.01/pint
Meal, Common 0.10
Meal, Fine 0.25
Rations, Hard 0.50/week
Room, Common 0.02/night
Room, Private 0.10/night
Room, Suite 0.25/night
Stabling 0.03/night
Wine 0.02/pint

Magical Paraphernalia

Item Price
Athame $ 0.12
Ball, Glass 0.48
Candles, Tallow 0.12/kg
Candles, Wax 0.25/kg
Crystal, Quartz 0.01
Dice 0.02
Ephemeris 0.12
Ink, Black 0.05/30 mL
Mirror, Silver 0.24


Almost any kind of service is available in a large city, depending on who you ask.

Service Price
Bath $ 0.01
Coach 0.01/hour
Courier 0.01/day
Healer 0.02/day
Lodgings 0.20-1.00/night
Meal 0.01
Porter 0.01/day
Priest 0.02/day
Prostitute 0.08/evening
Stabling 0.01/day
Swordmaster 0.02/day
Tutor/Etiquette 1.00/month
Tutor/History 0.60/month
Tutor/Language 0.80/month

Slave Block

Qualifications Price
Dancer/Courtesan $ 5.00
Fighter 8.00
Priest or Magician 15.00
Professional, Common 8.00
Professional, Master 12.00
Unskilled Laborer 4.00


Like the armourer, the swordsmith tends to work only on a contractual basis. His weapons are made to order and demand high prices.

Item Price
Scimitar $ 32.00
Sword, Cutting 28.00
Sword, Great 40.00
Sword, Long 36.00
Sword, Short 7.20
Sword, Thrusting 30.00


Item Price
Backpack $1.25
Belt Pouch, Large 1.00
Belt Pouch, Small 0.25
Bit & Bridle 2.50
Saddle, Riding 7.50
Saddle, War 12.00
Saddle Bags 5.00
Whip 1.50
Wineskin 0.25


Item Price
Cart, Two-Wheeled $ 4.00
Chariot 90.00
Palanquin 150.00
Sedan Chair 15.00
Wagon, Two-Wheeled 12.00
Wagon, Four-Wheeled 36.00


Item Price
Axe, Battle $ 7.20
Axe, Great 8.00
Axe, Rider's 10.00
Bill 3.60
Bludgeon 6.40
Club 0.20
Club, Ironshod 1.00
Dagger 2.00
Flail, Military 7.00
Flail, Rider's 8.00
Glaive 3.60
Hammer, Rider's 4.00
Hammer, War 5.00
Knife 0.60
Mace, Flanged 7.00
Mace, Spiked 6.00
Pike 7.20
Spear 4.80
Spear, Long 4.80
Staff, Ironshod 0.40
Staff, Quarter 0.20

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