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In 1983, I conceived Madoria as a gaming world for a home-brew fantasy role-playing game. I also intended the world to serve as a setting for stories. Rather than derive these stories from game play, I instead created original tales that served to enhance the world background and enrich the gaming experience. Portions of some stories I've written appear (or will appear) in tidbits and histories for each of the world regions described in these pages.

So what is Madoria? It's an alternative to the “standard fantasy” worlds of elves, dwarves, and Mickey Mouse magic. No Tolkien or Disney influence here, or at least not intentionally. My influences include Howard's Hyboria, Moorcock's Melniboné, Norman's Gor, Watt-Evans' “Lords of Dûs;” series (now available in an omnibus edition), Leiber's Nehwon, Wolfe's Urth, and many others. The focus is on human vs. human struggle, though the setting includes a few non-human species: Cromirs, Cromirlings, Degha, Aramur, Edrini, Murayhar, and others for variety.

I have found the following game and net resources most useful in creating the current version of Madoria:

See my notes on the maps for details on how I went about creating the maps for these pages.

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