Ken's Gallery

Daven and J. Marie
Davey and J. Marie. GIMP. (Apparently I don't know how to spell "whose.")

Aribind Nights
Prulam nomad on a pelithyn, gazing at the city of Aribind in the distance. GIMP.

Grueslin-class Beast-Man. PC Paintbrush/XPaint.

Various Goerthan farm animals. PC Paintbrush.

Gardell groom
Grooming a gardell. Pencil.

My raytraced pictures are scattered all over my site, but here's a quick way to see each of them, from oldest to newest:

_1_ | _2_ | _3_ | _4_ | _5_ | _6_ | _7_ | _8_

Not a chainmail bikini!
Not a chainmail bikini! GIMP.
Monster! GIMP.
Gardell rider
Knight on gardell. GIMP.

Weapons. PC Paintbrush.
Spear Fist-Mace

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