The Carnelian Coast

The History of Madoria

This is a general overview of Madorian history. Follow the heading links for more detailed histories.

The Gur-Docherlan

Before recorded history began, Mankind was delivered upon the mountain Angerny Eldon by the god Mador, who had come to the Shard of Eimragh from somewhere else. Eimragh the Creator and his Cromir subjects ruled the Shard and all its inhabitants. Mador would not have his Men subjugated, so there was a war between Human and Cromir. The Saers of Goertha call it the Gur-Docherlan; the Verentians call it the Garn-Madorian.

Kruthad Peninsula

After the Gur-Docherlan, the lieutenants of Mador led their armies to various corners of the world, to settle the land and exploit its resources. One of the earliest civilizations arose on the Kruthad Peninsula.

The Dhasharmahn is a prophetic text from the Chardrakesh that describes a turbulent period of history in the south, when the demon lord Shinaket rose from black Lake Ten.

The Carnelian Coast

The Kruthad peoples spread far and wide, founding colonies across the Albir Gulf and elsewhere. These colonies gave rise to the Carnelian League, a group of cities on the Carnelian Coast that grew very wealthy.

Maletrian Empire

Among the cities of the Carnelian Coast, Maleter became dominant. She became capital of an empire that spanned much of the known world. The history of Maleter includes a 400-year reign by high priests of the demon lord Shinaket, a mysterious disaster that destroyed the cities of the Carnelian Coast, civil wars, and the establishment of a uniform code of laws.

Verentian Empire

From the ashes of the Maletrian Empire came the Verentians. They were barbarians from the Andalors that adapted the remnants of Maletria to their savage lifestyle. They conquered all of Sevalia, parts of Morianda and Goertha, and absorbed Aurelia before their expansion was slowed by Kruthedan.


Another remnant of the Maletrian Empire, Ralubia established herself as a mercantile powerhouse, only to fall to a magical disaster. However, the land of Anphirai, which Ralubia dominates, has a long and glorious history not forgotten by its people.


The great basin below Angerny Eldon, Goertha has a long and colorful history older than any other land. Pallon was the theocratic realm that separated from the Verentian Empire and became very influential. She was ruled by high priests called the Tassotarnt. Pallon fell when her capital was sacked by Galfmor at the siege of Mirsach. In Pallon's place emerged the kingdoms of Worlorn and Galfmor.

Present Day

The year considered “current” from the perspective of the materials in these web pages is E.E. 1990.

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