“I am Ken”

Work History

I am a Linux system administrator and software developer specializing in C/C++ object-oriented design and development. Much of my work involves writing interfaces between disparate software systems. This typically involves parsing, sockets, and databases. Additionally, I have strong skills in perl and configuration management. I have also dabbled in graphics and user interfaces.

Currently, I am a Linux system administrator at AMS DataSerfs in Hillsboro, Oregon.

Killer Ken

A picture I took of myself while playing with my Treo 600. This is what I look like when I'm about to kill you.


Watching other people having fun at Uptown Billiards in hip NW Portland, January 10, 2002. I'm not bored here, I'm very attentive.

If you compare this photo with the one at the very bottom, you may notice that my hairstyle has not changed in 30 years.


A rare picture of me, in one of my guises — December 1999. Sadly, I am not quite sure who took this picture. Here I am waiting (and waiting...) for a plate of duck pasta at the Ponzi Vineyards Bistro in Beaverton, Oregon. The duck was not bad, though I didn't care for the white sauce or the pasta ... or the vegetables for that matter. Next time, just give me the bread and the duck. And I want a bottle of the Arneis (update: I got a bottle).


Hosting a Halloween party in 1998. I don't normally look this bad, but I had been drinking.

Young Ken

Another of my guises, circa 1972. You can see me carrying a load of Good N'Plenty in my right hand, leaving my left hand free to attack (you see, I am left-handed). The individual accompanying me in this photo has been cropped out for her protection. And if you insist on asking me about her, all I can remember is that her boots were really cool.

Milk is Evil

I suffered from allergies and sinus problems all my life. Everyone thought it was some kind of hayfever. I also grew up on cow's milk. In 1998 I discovered that it was milk and milk products that had caused my suffering for the last 30 years. I have since learned that milk can cause even worse problems. Try the link below and do the research yourself. Milk is EVIL!

the no milk test for 5 DAYS!  DAY 6: Drink milk.

Careful not to take everything on that site at face value. The author has an agenda! Not to say he doesn't have a point, but here is some information that may encourage you to do some additional investigation:

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