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Political Geography of the Known Lands

[ Political Map of the Known Lands ]

Ai-Orai: (cap. Sheyano-Muromi; Emperor Du'o Torino) The great and mysterious empire of the West. The emperor is a god; the elementals are his servants. Ai-Orai is a temperate maritime empire with millions of inhabitants and abundant resources. The port city of Nareshai is possibly the largest city in the world.

Aribind: (pop. 85,000; Terabas Dain) A free city of Ralubia, occupied by legions from Kruthedan. Also known as the Tiered City, Aribind was constructed under the guidance of the builder god Maldai. It sits landlocked on the Prulam &mddash; a subtropical grassland — astride the trade road connecting Ralubia with Kruthedan. Animals are not allowed within the city walls.

Arthennor: (pop. 376,000; cap. Govedon; High King Turlow) One of the many small, cold Andalorian kingdoms. Arthennorians are primarily Winarian, meaning they regard the Moon Goddess over the Sun God. Arthennor has no qualms over raiding her neighbors for any reason; when that's too much trouble, her nobles fight among themselves.

Belagor: (pop. 607,000; cap. Anthirn; King Dremidor) A proud Andalorian realm, friendly with Lancesor, hostile to Arthennor. The Belagorians are maritime-centric, fielding a great fleet of warships and merchant vessels. The interior of the country is correspondingly untamed and tribal.

Caracand: (pop. 10,000; Gahlin Dain) A free town of Ralubia on Albir Gulf. She is protected by sheer cliffs, with a narrow gorge the only way to access the town by land. The gorge road leads to Aribind.

Cro-Carlon: (pop. 21,000; cap. Croest; Prince Harm) A small land on the fringe of Goertha, with hill tribe neighbors on one side, bandits on another, and two warring states closing up its borders.

Fearthlond: (pop. 40,000; cap. Hellandegn; King Gofferd) A kingdom north of Galfmor, south of Velbrask, and east of Targelon. It straddles a small inland sea. Fearthlond is famous for her storytellers and berserking warriors.

Fodeor: (pop. 217,000; cap. Maratern; King Low) A minor Andalorian realm, neighboring Arthennor and Garän.

Galfmor: (pop. 940,000; cap. Doell; King Drunhar) A powerful northern Goerthan state, rivals with Worlorn.

Garän: (cap. Vedan) A rocky country on the northern edge of the Andalorian peninsula. She was colonized by northern seafarers, who found the place not particularly hospitable but easily defendable. Garän is poor; there's one castle and a few villages. She fields a few longships and trades with Fodeor, Targelon, and Lankarth.

Gedringale: (pop. 64,000; cap. Gedral; Arbunthord) A mountain country on the edges of Goertha. The Galings are inventive, some dwelling in cliffside habitats and operating hang-gliders. Others pack their belongings in wagons and travel the world.

Halribia: (pop. 7800) A Ralubian satellite state, independent and sheltered from invasion by terrain. The Halribians derive some magical power from Lake Omenarcas, ever since one of their kings made a pact with the spirit of the lake.

Hovar: (pop. ?; cap. Amë) Island-dwelling sea raiders of the northernmost reaches of the Known Lands.

Kruthedan: (pop. 3,600,000; cap. Amasshad; Emperor Ro-Turadis) The southern remnant of the Maletrian Empire, controlled by Tenket.

Lancesor: (pop. 878,000; cap. Lancedon; King Nierenow) The most powerful realm of the Andalorian peninsula.

Lankarth: A northern island kingdom, offshore from Velbrask. The Lankarth facilitate trade between the tribes of Targelon and Velbrask.

Marazai: A resource-rich pawn state of Kruthedan. The local lords are weak, but their subjects clever.

Mirsach: (pop. 12,000) Former seat of the Theocrat of Malladun, until the place surrendered to Galfmor. Subsequently freed by Worlorn, Mirsach is ostensibly independent, though she relies on Worlorn for many important resources.

Morianda: (cap. Achion) Once a land of petty principalities, then a kingdom forged by a powerful tribe from Targelon and tempered in battle with the Verentian Empire.

Mutem-Doja: A wealthy confederation of tribes on the western edge of the Known Lands. They deal with Marazai, cleverly manipulating them or their Krishari masters.

Ralubia: (1,570,000; cap. Vathir) A decadent collection of city-states nominally ruled by the king at Vathir.

Rashan: (pop. 500,000; cap. Rispatta) A small state, a former province of the Maletrian Empire, whose governor managed to maintain independence from Kruthedan. Conflicts between the two countries rage over the Akûn-Shal.

Tenket: (pop. 150,000; cap. Mekkara; Governor Kûnil Sahkam) A small mountain country in the basin of black Lake Ten. The center of power for the cult of Shinaket.

Tiajray: (pop. 30,000) An independent port colony of Kruthedan that serves as a stopping point for sea traffic between Gamrishad and Chadrace.

Velbrask: A northern kingdom on the edge of the world.

Verentis: (pop. 4,864,000; cap. Ascalis; Emperor Darintis VII) The most powerful empire in the known lands, the northern half of the former Maletrian Empire.

Vidar: (pop. 230,000; cap. Strates; The Wizard of) A mysterious kingdom on the borders of Verentis and Lancesor, supposedly ruled by a powerful wizard.

Worlorn: (pop. 760,000; cap. Sollum; King Surgorn) A powerful but troubled Goerthan state, plagued by internal conflicts.

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