What's New?

1 Feb 2017: Consolidated info and fleshed out a description of the Ralubian city of Vathir. Almost by accident.

8 May 2007: Some development of Andalorian geography.

15 Jan 2005: Version 0.9.7 of the Tales system rules is up with changes to character generation, combat, magic, and the bestiary.

11 Nov 2004: Made some revisions to the magic chapter, including the addition of a large section on the undead. Boo!

9 Nov 2004: Added a Quick Skill template method to character generation to relieve the tedium of buying skills at character generation.

22 Oct 2004: Managed to extract a new chapter of the Goertha PBEM log from the tangled mess of emails I still have saved.

14 Oct 2004: Updated the bestiary and Madorian bestiary.

4 Oct 2004: Made the basic damage wound effects in the Combat chapter a little meatier and updated falling damage in the Environment chapter to reflect new damage rules.

28 Sep 2004: Some updates to armoury and bestiaries to reflect additional armour data.

25 Sep 2004: The Tales of the Carnelian Coast system rules have been updated with a revamped combat system. The armoury and bestiaries have also been updated to reflect the new rules. The PDF is not yet updated.

21 Jul 2004: Version 0.9.6 of the Tales system rules is up and includes changes in character generation.

14 Jul 2004: The Cromir file was missing, so I found it and put it back. Now updated with new information.

13 Jul 2004: I have made an attempt to get the online html version of the system rules up to date with the PDF.

3 Jul 2004: Version 0.9.5 of the Tales of the Carnelian Coast roleplaying game is up. Mostly changes and additions to character generation, particularly in regard to skill use and selection.

9 May 2004: The Madorian bestiary has returned, now as its own supplement. It matches the format of the Terran bestiary, but otherwise no new stuff.

30 Apr 2004: Expanded history of Ralubia, which highlights the role of the Havilai (formerly called Glavves). Made some additional corrections to reflect the name change and new info.

26 Dec 2003: Updated the Totcc game pdf. Some changes to character generation and skills mostly, plus stuff for training attributes. Also, replaced Madorian critters with Terran critters. The Madorian critters will be moved to the Madoria supplement. The web pages are getting more and more out of date.

18 Nov 2003: Moved back to cs.pdx.edu. They upped our quota and the web server responds faster than comcast.net, so what the heck. The comcast pages are still in place, though.

29 Oct 2003: A new character sheet separate from the rulebook is up. It's much more consistent with the rules.

7 Sep 2003: Version 0.9.1 of the TotCC game PDF is up. More changes to the magic system. Starting to convert bestiary to Earth animals. Also, it wasn't announced here, but version 0.9.0 had numerous clarifications and changes to character generation, combat, magic, and the environment.

31 Jul 2003: Yes, the site has moved. News stuff in the Skills chapter. Maps of Fearthlond, Vidar, and Morianda are online.

10 Jul 2003: First version of the Madorian Character Generation supplement is now available. Not 100% complete but functional. Thanks to Jason Coplen for the idea of making the supplement (many moons ago). Also, added the html-ized version of the marketplace appendix from the pdf.

22 Jun 2003: Some additional information on religious organization in the Andalors and Ralubia. Also, I am in the process of upgrading the maps. In the Goertha section, aa new chapter and additions to two chapters have been added to the PBEM summaries. It's long arduous work trying to get dozens of emails into a cohesive story.

12 Jun 2003: Version 0.8.9 of the TotCC game PDF has a revised Environment chapter with many changes and additions.

3 Jun 2003: Version 0.8.8 of the TotCC game PDF has some formatting changes, some minor editing to correct grammar, plus a few additions to the Environment and Bestiary chapters. Also, the character sheet is back.

30 May 2003: Some style and organizational changes have been made to all of the regional sections.

12 Mar 2003: All three parts of the Andalorion synopsis are now online.

2 Dec 2002: Some new mythical history and legends added to the Andalor section.

3 Oct 2002: Some updates to the Andalor section.

17 Sep 2002: Added a new illustration depicting a view of the city of Aribind. Look for more pix coming in the near future.

30 Mar 2002: Version 0.8.7 of the TotCC game PDF has changes to the magic system, specifically the classification of phantasms is now subsumed under Larva and two other types are added. I put back in some tables that Ron Copley noticed were missing.

29 Mar 2002: Version 0.8.6 of the TotCC game PDF has minor corrections to character generation and some additional filler material in the environment chapter. Nothing big.

12 Mar 2002: A new PDF (0.8.5) of the TotCC game is available. The content is more in sync with the web pages and the layout was totally redone with LaTeX (smaller file, but more pages). It does not include the most recent character record sheet, but the old one is still available.

6 Mar 2002: The Ralubia Region Guide PDF is now available. A mere 11 pages, about 90 Kb.

5 Mar 2002: The Goertha Region Guide is now available in a single PDF document, sans illustrations so it is of modest size (24 pages weighing in at about 160 Kb). I did the layout with LaTeX as an experiment. I converted the HTML with html2latex, hand edited the resulting .tex file and converted it to pdf with tex2pdf.

26 Feb 2002: I'm taking a suggestion from Ron Copley to pull the dice usage stuff from the skills chapter and making a new introductory chapter for ease of reference. No, the PDF has not been updated yet, but that's okay, since the chapters haven't matched for sometime now. I guess.

23 Feb 2002: A new PDF (0.8.4) is available. It's larger because I embedded the fonts to make it look right on other people's computers, not because anything juicy has been added.

19 Feb 2002: Game system update: Found some more places where the web page was out of sync with the PDF, so I've updated the web pages (skills and magic chapters mostly). The PDF will be updated soon, I promise! I'm also getting closer to finalizing the %#@*$! "damage to inanimate objects" rules.

18 Feb 2002: Game system update: Formalized the concept of rotes and added that to the skills chapter (PDF not updated).

15 Feb 2002: Some additional files to the Kruthad section, as well as a draft of Maletrian history. I'm working on this stuff continuously, but I'm only so-so at keeping this file up to date.

4 Feb 2002: A new version of Carnelian Coast: The Game in PDF. This is version 0.8.3. It is more in sync with the HTML, with a few additional corrections.

3 Feb 2002: Some additions to the Kruthad religion and political geography pages.

29 Jan 2002: Yet more revisions, corrections, and embellishments to the history of Kruthad.

22 Jan 2002: Revised the history of Kruthad.

17 Jan 2002: New and revised chapters from the old PBEM game.

10 Jan 2002: Revised the history of Ralubia.

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